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A place to learn economics, and especially about the benefits of free markets.

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This group looks at the differences, both philosophical and practical, between the different types of economies. There are 3 broad types of economies:

1. Unhampered Market Economy

2. Hampered Market Economy
a. Interventionist
b. Mixed economy

3. Command Economy
a. Socialist
b. Fascist

We believe that the moral & practical outcomes all favor free & freer markets.

1. Comment in this nation about the content of the discussion, do not comment about other viners.
2. No Partisan Attacks.
3. Substantiate Sources.
4. Vigorous debate is encouraged, but only so far as the Code of Honor is obeyed.
5. Articles here should involve economics.
6. If you wouldn't say it to someone face-to-face in real life then refrain from saying it here.